U.S.A./Canada -99

    • This is a short version of the trip. We traveled for three weeks and I took more than 65 pictures on the trip.
    • Travel Route

Another eleven months of waiting and I’m back! This time I planned to travel by myself but in the last minute Anders joined me.


Chicago from Sears TowerWe arrived at Chicago O’Hare 12.55 local time. We got a room at Palmer House Hilton, one of the finest hotels in Chicago. Our room had a brick wall for a view, but who cares about the view from the hotel when you can overlook Chicago from Sears Tower? It didn’t take more than a minute to go to the skydeck at floor 103.


Ford GT40, the Le Mans winnerThe next day we left Chicago by train to Detroit. My cousin Csilla picked us up at the station and showed us around Detroit.
Lotus F1The day after we went to the Henry Ford Museum. I think the museum was bigger than Volvo’s plant in Gothenburg! It was great to see all kinds of cars, both old and new, and even future ones.

Toronto, Niagara Falls

CN Tower, TorontoWe took the tunnel from Detroit to Windsor, Canada. It’s very different from Detroit with the downtown area all the way to the waterfront. In Windsor they have beautiful parks by the water instead. We had dinner at Csilla’s parents house. I also met uncle Erwin for the first time.
Where's my name on the cup?Up early and off to Toronto. We wanted to see the Hockey Hall of Fame where Borje “BJ” Salming is honored. He played 17 years for the Toronto Maple Leafs. After a walk to the CN Tower we went up to the skydeck and had a wonderful view over Toronto.
Niagara FallsWe continued to Niagara Falls. It’s big, powerful and beautiful, all at the same time. After dinner it’s darker outside and we drove by the falls again. Now they have the falls illuminated in all kinds of colors. It’s very different from daytime and I’m glad that I saw it both ways.
Niagara FallsAfter a day touring wineries around Windsor we return to Detroit the day after that. I had the opportunity to visit the Saturn headquarters where Csilla works. I think it is the perfect working environment. After that we picked up a rental car, a Pontiac Grand Prix with a 3.8L V6.


Late home of Peter ForsbergIt took forever to get out of Detroit and after that it wasn’t much to see. We headed for Denver on the I-80. Iowa and Nebraska were boring with lots of nothing to see.
Mt. EvansWhen we got to Denver we wanted to climb Mt. Evans (by car of course). It’s the highest road in U.S. But unfortunately we had heavy rain there so we couldn’t almost see the road ahead of us. Everybody drove with their hazard lights on very slowly. The view should be spectacular on a clear day.

Grand Junction

Colorado National MonumentThe road from Denver to Grand Junction through Glenwood Canyon was absolutely gorgeous. In Grand Junction we visited my aunt Adel. Her husband George is just as crazy about motorcycles as I am. He showed me his Norton 850 from -75. He’s rebuilding it now and it will be the perfect cool bike.
Colorado National MonumentGeorge also took us to the Colorado National Monument. The view is just awesome. I also got to meet my cousin Caroline, it’s been about 20 years since the last time. Her husband is working on their Harley so they can ride to Sturgis again.

Telluride, Durango

TellurideWe head south on H-550 towards Durango, but we just had to check out Telluride. Famous for being the site of Butch Cassidy’s first bank robbery. Nowadays it’s a renowned ski resort.
Red Mountain PassOn the way to Durango we crossed the Red Mountain Pass. It’s more than 11.000 feet high and the roads are closed in the wintertime. It’s a very dramatic scenery with small towns all the way to Durango.
Mesa VerdeOn our way to Cortez we stopped at the Mesa Verde National Park. Indians lived there a thousand years ago and it’s amazing how modern they were. From Cortez we turned south onto H-666 from the movie “Natural Born Killers”. It was really boring, but not as boring as Nebraska.

Las Vegas

The StratosphereFrom Gallup in New Mexico we turned west onto the I-40 through Flagstaff on our way to Las Vegas. When we were closing in on the Strip we saw the Eiffel-tower they are building for the new casino, Paris. We tried to get a room at Mandalay Bay but they were sold out and so were Luxor and Excalibur too. There was some kind of computer convention going on in Las Vegas so the rooms were sold out almost everywhere for double the price. We finally got a great room at New York-New York, high up in their Empire State Building with a good view towards the Strip. We went to a really good night club at MGM, Studio 54, it’s a copy of the famous night club in New York with the same name in the 70’s. We also checked out the Venetian, it even has a canal with gondoliers. Incredible. Las Vegas is the best.

Los Angeles

Hollywood Bowl from MulhollandAfter two nights in Las Vegas we drove to LA to meet my cousin Jennifer. The day after we got there we went to the Santa Monica Pier for a nice and quiet evening drinking Margaritas and listening to music. When we got home we were invited to party with Vivid Video! We tried to call the manager at Vivid who invited Jennifer’s friend Rich to the party but we couldn’t reach him. Rich didn’t feel like going alone but would take us there if we wanted to go, and did we want to go! Needless to say, we couldn’t sleep after that.
Hollywood HillsNext day we went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The LA Philharmonics played music from all the big movies like Jaws and Star Wars. They were conducted by John Williams who wrote the music. Afterwards we went to a cool bar, the Yamashiro.
Remember M.A.S.H.?Jennifer’s friend Jonalyn got us VIP tour tickets at Warner Brothers where she works. It was totally different from the tour at Universal Studios. At WB we stopped all the time and walked into studios, even when they were working in there! We saw how they worked with the soundtrack to the coming movie “The Bone Collector”. We also got inside the studio of my favourite show “Friends”. I recognized a lot from the show. The hills on the picture are where you see the choppers fly in “M.A.S.H.”.
Doc Magoo's from ERSuddenly we saw George Clooney standing there right in front of us! That was really cool, he seems to be in all the coming movies. We also saw the entrance to the ER. Just like “Friends” it’s shot in LA, not in Chicago or New York.

The End

We also rollerbladed from Santa Monica Beach to Will Rogers Beach. I saw the Baywatch headquarters there. One day Anders and I went for a drive on Mulholland to Bel Air. This year we found the Playboy Mansion! Next year we might get invited. When we returned the rental car we had driven 4966 km (3088 miles).

The last night we went to the Sky Bar. A really cool place with a pool in the middle, if it were in Sweden a lot of people would fall into the pool. We later heard that Michael Jordan and Tyra Banks were there at the same time but we missed them, or maybe they missed us. Jennifer gave us a ride to the airport early next morning and we had to say goodbye. After the long flight home I was already bored with being home.